Sarah Derat

I envisage sculpture as a rediscovery of object, a metamorphosis introducing a transformation of reality crossed by poetry, fantasy and violence. It is through the contemplation and the transfiguration of what is surrounding us that sculpture can emerge and introduce the possibility of a reality shift, from the object’s pragmatism towards another state evoking the phantasmagorical.

I like to imagine my work as a confrontation and an escape from what is and towards what could be, treading the blurry lines between the parallel worlds of dream and reality.

Questions generated by existence and society materialize themselves through a vocabulary whose avatars move as many possible hypotheses.

I consider sculpture as an invitation to all senses, to thought and speech in as much as I want it to constitute an intrusive presence forcing us to contemplate ourselves through it.

Oscillating between beauty and ugliness, using violence and humour, my work is an entity exacerbating human nature : its excesses, its cruelty and its need to fantasize.