Hicham Berrada

I like to think of analogies between science and poetry through a rational mysticism inspired by Strindberg. Rationality has always been dictated by scientific knowledge. Since the advent of the scientific discoveries of the XX. century and the mechanistic, then materialistic theories, our ability to dream as much as we think has been weakened. I am trying to extend the alchemic and mystical thought from the XVIII. century and update it through our knowledge of the latest scientific advances.

I try to work in a scientific manner developing a positive incomprehension of the world we are living in. I try to recreate the wonder and amazement of a child­ looking at the world and I try to approach this desired unconsciousness.

Through my work, I share one of my biggest scientific fantasies; I am in search of a reappraisal of the laws of the Universe, interconnectedness, the idea that one could link everything to everything and that everything is in everything, everywhere.