Dmytro Afanasenko

Feeling Zero

We find them everywhere and every day :
parts of ourselves, of our lives, of our feelings and thoughts.
Mysteries of our hidden worlds, mysteries of our intimacy.
I am looking for this hidden truth.
I make portraits of our thoughts, of our hidden side.
I try to create a veil of questions, a thought in motion.
The most important element in my work is to emphasize all feelings equally.
All feelings are important. There is neither order nor succession.
I call it Feeling Zero.


Lenochka, like a breath, floats and dissipates
When your foot rests on her skin
Here she is, floating
Her fern hair shivering all veils outside on the ruins of the plain
Shadow on her back
The ruins fall between the ivy,
its sap swallowing up the places that were
For this is its resting place
She blooms there where life stops itself
Its enchanting figure although disturbing
Her dress flapping in the wind
And her soul is this blowing that patiently gnaws at this breath of rust
Into which forgetfulness